While fluoride has proven to be very effective at helping to increase your tooths resistance to decay, there is a lot of mis-information that can be a little scary to hear.  The reality is, that fluoride, like most things, in the right situation and in the right amount can be very beneficial, and in the wrong situation and in the wrong amount can be detrimental.  Water is another good example of this.  Not enough and we can become dehydrated, which is dangerous.  Too much and we can become overhydrated, which is also extremely dangerous.  The right amount though, and it benefits us immeasurably.

The way fluoride works is quite simple. The enamel in our teeth is made mostly of hydroxyapatite crystals which are quite strong.Fluoride simply works to replace a component of that crystal which turns those hydroxyapatite crystals into fluorapatite crystals. These compounds are even stronger and more resistant to plaque and decay.

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A topical fluoride treatment is a good way to give our teeth a bit of a boost at our 6 monthly visits. It involves a topical application via a paste or mouth rinse, and the excess is then spat out so that it is not swallowed. Utilising a topical fluoride treatment in this way is very safe, as it is not ingested, and after a professional clean, where the tooth surfaces are a super clean, is the perfect time to get maximum effect from a topical fluoride application.

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