Our smile is often the first thing people will notice when they interact with us. If we do not like the way we smile or what we show when we do smile, then it can have an enormous psychological impact on us. It can make us avoid social situations and photos, change the way we smile so that we don’t show teeth, or even avoid smiling altogether. For these people, aesthetic dental procedures in dentistry can have a life-changing affect.

When we speak of aesthetics in dentistry, it really comes down to 3 simple things.
1. The position of our teeth
2. The shape of our teeth
3. The colour of our teeth.

If we want to improve the position of our teeth, we use orthodontics.

If we want to improve the shape of our teeth, we use veneers.
If we want to improve the colour of our teeth, we use whitening.

While this is a fairly simple idea, the procedures themselves can be complex, and identifying our fundamental concerns can also be difficult. Sometimes we might think the colour is the issue but when our teeth are whiter, we’re still unsatisfied because we hadn’t considered the other factors. Our dentists can assess and discuss with you the things that might be holding your smile back.

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Dental Veneers

If you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth, porcelain veneers can be a really effective way to get the perfect shape and proportions for a natural and beautiful smile.

Tooth Whitening

In the right situation, where enamel has darkened due to the natural aging process, tooth whitening can be very effective at refreshing the smile.

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