Getting a good night’s sleep is a really important component of our overall health.  Those void of a good night’s sleepcan often struggle with things like daytime tiredness, difficulty concentrating, irritability,poor behaviour,headaches, and blood pressure irregularities and so on.  What’s worse though is that it can also affect their significant other getting a good night’s sleep as well!

Having an open airway is an important aspect of getting a good night’s sleep.  If our airway is compromised, and we struggle to get enough air in, it will affect our sleep.  The level of our airway obstruction is on a scale from completely open, to completely blocked, and the further up the scale we go, the more severe our symptoms will be.

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Snoring is usually a sign that our airways are partially blocked.  We are still managing to get air in, but we’re having to work for it.  While it seems pretty normal, snoring can often be linked to issues such as enlarged uvulas, acid reflux, and even potentially increase the risk of a stroke.

Snoring can be caused by, or at least be contributed to by, the anatomy of your mouth, excess weight or fatty tissue around the neck region, the position you sleep (i.e on your back), alcohol consumption, nasal problems, and excessive tiredness.  There are many ways to approach snoring problems, but the common goal is to open the airway to allow air in easier.  There are dentally prescribed snoring appliances that can be effective at reducing snoring in the right case.  A dentist is in a great position to begin the assessment of your dental anatomy, and airway spaces, and can refer you to the appropriate specialist if needed.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

As our airways continue to reduce, we progress from snoring to obstructive sleep apnoea. Patients with sleep apnoea, actually pause breathing during their sleep as a result of complete blockage of their airways and the subsequent difficulty getting air in. Obstructive sleep apnoea is a serious condition that can have a dramatic impact on a patient’s life and health. Factors that contribute to obstructive sleep apnoea are usually similar to those that contribute to snoring, however they are becoming more severe, and there is a big emphasis on weight.

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There are various medical professionals that can be referred to for assessment and treatment of sleep apnoea.  Assessment will often involve a sleep study, which can be done in a clinic or within your own home.  Treatment can sometimes involve a combination of:

  • Weight management plans
  • Management of lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, allergies and medication and sleep behaviour
  • CPAP (continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine
  • Dental Appliances (mild to moderate cases)

If you suffer from sleep apnoea or snoring, getting it assessed and treated could have an enormous positive impact on your life.

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