There is a saying, “no one ever died of crooked teeth”.  This may be true, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any adverse side effects.  It is important to be aware of some of the issues that can arise if your teeth are crooked, so that it can be addressed as needed.  Luckily orthodontic procedures have progressed a lot and getting your teeth straightened has never been so socially acceptable. Here are some of the main reasons crooked teeth could become a problem.

  • Appearance. Most people would prefer straight teeth than crooked teeth, but how much it bothers you if they’re not straight is a personal matter.  Some people are unapologetically confident as they rock the gap between their front teeth like a model, but others, particularly children struggling to navigate the perilous social journey of school, can be deeply affected by the appearance of their teeth.  In these cases, straightening the teeth can have an enormous positive impact on their lives and their confidence levels.
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  • Unnatural tooth wear. Where teeth don’t line up like they should people are often left with areas that are hitting that shouldn’t, and other areas that should hit, that aren’t.  Teeth are designed to fit in a certain way and are stronger in some areas that others to allow for areas that need more strength or protection.  When they aren’t fitting right often this leads to unnatural forces on parts of the teeththat are not strong enough to support it causing irreversible wear and even cracks or fractures.
  • Gum disease.Most people have a hard enough time maintaining good oral hygiene when their teeth are straight, let alone when they are all bunched up and overlapping. Inability to clean areas between the teeth adequately can lead to periodontitis and permanent bone loss.  If you’re unable to clean effectively due to the crowding, it might be worth looking at straightening the teeth.
  • Jaw/bite problems.Like a car with one partially flat tyre that can start to throw your wheel alignment and other things out of balance, if your bite is uneven, it can start to throw your jaw out of balance.  This could lead to pain, clicking, grinding and even deterioration of the jaw joint itself.  If there are any symptoms, they should be discussed with your dentist.

If you have crooked teeth and are thinking about getting them straightened up, or would just like some more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 3379 1328