Dentures have been a staple in dentistry for a very long time.  While dental implants have certainly cut into the denture market in more recent years, dentures still have their place.


Dentures are a removable, acrylic based product that sits over the gums with fake teeth.  A denture could replace one, or a few teeth (a partial denture), or it could replace an entire jaw of missing teeth (a full denture). As they usually sit on the gums, dentures can move around a bit and can be a bit uncomfortable, however they can be a cost-effective way of replacing multiple teeth on a limited budget.


An important part of any denture it to make sure it is always well cleaned, that you take good care of the teeth around it, and that you leave it out at night for to ensure your gums remain healthy.  As dentures are supported by your gums, it is important that they are checked regularly to ensure they still fit well, as the supporting bone will change and shrink away over time.
In more recent times, dental implants have been used in combination with dentures, as a way to support and stabilise a denture.  This has proven to be a very great option between a standalone denture and a full mouth of implants, for the in between budget.
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