A dental cavityistypically the end result of inadequate brushing or flossing as well as poor diet choices such as frequently consuming sugary foods. The process that leads to a cavity is known as dental caries or tooth decay. Basically, the process of dental caries starts when food particles, particularly simple carbohydrates which are found in most junk foods, remain on a tooth surface for a prolonged period of time. These food particles attract bacteria which metabolise the particles and release acid which then forms a cavity.

The decay inside the cavities must be cleaned out and filled to ensure they do not progress and become painful and expensive to repair. At Central Smiles we only use tooth coloured filling materials that provide a long-lasting, strong and cosmetically pleasing finish. Most patients cannot tell there is a filling placed at all!

To avoid cavities forming to begin with, ensure you are brushing and flossing regularly, limiting sugary foods and drinks as well as having your teeth checked every 6 months.

Fillings can also be placed to restore broken or chipped teeth. The Dentists at Central Smiles are trained to place quality fillings and make you feel pain free and comfortable during the procedure. We endeavour to make every appointment a positive experience for our patients.

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